Custom Data Entry Window


We’re looking into whether Forest can help us build an admin panel to help us manage our new mobile app.

One of the requirements we have is drag and drop data entry into the app for some of our less technical users.

Here’s an example, where a user can use drag and drop to construct a sports training session.

We don’t need forestadmin to perform drag and drop data entry but we’re trying to figure out how we can integrate it, so that -

  • forest admin can handle the user level permissions and log in to give access to the drag and drop data entry form.
  • when the data is saved via the form, the user data/data owner fields from the forest panel, are saved with it

Do you know if this is possible?



Hello @vrunclub :wave:

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If I understood correctly, you would like to integrate your UI into an admin panel to create some exercise suits. On top of that, you would like to have some permission settings to restrict access to this UI, and a way to identify the current user to link him to the exercise created. Is that correct ?


Hi Steve,

Yes that’s correct


All clear then :+1:

This would require some extra coding, but yes, this is possible.

ForestAdmin has first been designed to perform CURD operations, business actions on record, collaboration with teammates on data.

For your scenario, you will need an additional feature called Smart Views. You can find some more information here.

The idea would be to build a smart view on which you will have full control of the UI (and thus implement your exercise set creator). From this smart view, you will be able to restrict access, and trigger smart actions (actual exercise set creation in your DB) to your admin back end.

As said before, this would require extra coding then usual, but is definitely possible :+1:

Does this help?


Thanks Steve,

Yes it does thanks, we’ll give it a go.