Demo Environment version keeps reverting back to 6.6.2 after updating to 8.0.12

Feature(s) impacted

Forest Liana version updates

Observed behavior

Forest Liana version for demo environment specifically always reverts back to 6.6.2 the next day after updating to 8.0.12

Expected behavior

Environment successfully updates to version 8.0.12 and does not change.

Failure Logs


  • Project name: Rhabit
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Demo
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: Forest Liana version 8.0.12
  • Database type: …
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: version update

Hello @rsupport,

Thank you for your message.

What do you mean by “reverting back to 6.6.2”? How do you observe this regression?
Is your agent code still on the right version, but on the UI you observe that it has downgraded?


PS: one thing I’ve in mind so far: could you have another agent instance using this environment (demo) FOREST_ENV_SECRET that could override what you’re pushing with your “main” instance?

Hello @anon34731316,
Correct, the code remains the same but the UI is reverted back to 6.6.2. I know this is the case because there is a red banner that shows up on the top of the screen that the current version is outdated.

I just checked the environment just now and it has reverted back to 6.6.2 again after updating it to 8.0.12 earlier today.

if there was a possibility for another environment potentially pushing to this “main” instance, it would remain at version 8.0.12 because all the other environments have been updated and no longer use 6.6.2


Thanks for your answers.

Ok, I’ve checked on my side, your demo and staging environments are in version 6 indeed at the moment.
And I can in the history that you’ve pushed a version 8 at some point.

So, the only possibility I see is that there exists another instance of your demo agent (at least an instance using the FOREST_ENV_SECRET of your demo environment), that is still in v6, and that overrides the changes you’ve made with the agent updated in v8.
Could you triple check this please?

About this:

Sorry if I was not clear. It’s not another environment pushing to demo environment. It would be 2 instances of demo environment that are conflicting.

Let me know.

Hi @anon34731316,
Than you for your reply. I’ve double checked our FOREST_ENV_SECRET and I only have access to [ *** the environment secret key *** ]. Would you be able to help me and identify other instances of demo FOREST_ENV_SECRET that exists?

I thought that maybe the old staging env would be the issue but the issue is still happening after removing the old staging env on this project.


Sorry for the delay of response.

From what I can see, the last deployment of the old schema was made 2023-09-19T18:45:36.772178+00:00 by this remote address:

Hope it will help you finding this ghost instance that is annoying you!

Let me know,

Hi @anon34731316,

To my own knowledge, I only pushed to two secret env:
[ *** f26d ]

[ *** d1aa ]

both of which belong to my own local test env, nothing to do with demo. Is there any other way to check other secret env keys related to demo?


Hello @rsupport,

Thanks for your reply.

I strongly advise you to not share your FOREST_ENV_SECRET here, they are secret and personal (I edited your messages to obfuscate them).

Ok, so what you have to look for is an agent instance that is using the FOREST_ENV_SECRET finishing by ...85ea2bed7.
For instance, you have deployed first your demo environment on one server, then finally on another one and the first one is not well deleted (but still regularly running). This first instance would keep sending an old schema of yours to our servers.

Hi @anon34731316,

I’ve checked our deployments to our demo env and the last date points to Sept 18th. No other branches or deployments point to this environment. I’m also not sure where the remote address points to. Is there any other way to you can check what is the other instance that is causing this update?


Hi @rsupport,

Well, I’m very sorry but I’m not sure how to help you more from where I am.

All I can see is that you pushed a new schema version the 13th and the 15th of September (with forest-rails version 8). But a few hours later, you pushed again a schema (that is an old schema version with forest-rails version 6).
So I can confirm what you’re observing: it keeps reverting back from 8 to 6 version.

Now, to understand why this old schema is sent, I don’t have many clues to give you appart from the remote id address and the exact time.
What is sure: there exists an instance of your app that has the FOREST_ENV_SECRET of the demo environment, with the old schema version, that is often restarted. It could be a development instance configured with the demo FOREST_ENV_SECRET (error when configured) for instance.

Can you check the FOREST_ENV_SECRET of all your instances (development instance included)?
I’m sure you’ll find out soon what’s going on here!

Let me know.