The agent version on which your project is running has reached the end of its life

Hi, please help me how to fix the error in the screenshot?

Hi @Aleksandr91 :wave: I see there is some troubles in your environments.
On 21/11/2023 at 14:46:13 we received a forestadmin schema with the right version, (eg: 8.7.9)
BUT yesterday an old forestadmin schema was sent, with an old agent version (eg: 5.7.0) can you try to find why ?
I want to remind you, that is the FOREST_ENV_SECRET who identify your environment, please make sure this secret was not shared between instance, make sure too the code on your instance was not rollbacked.
Let me know if that help :pray:

Indeed, the old version was rolled out by mistake yesterday, we returned the current one, but the error did not go away

Unfortunately we do not receive the new one. Can you check if you have the right schema on your instance and make sure the server has started properly by checking the log to see if the agent send the new schema to forest ? :pray:

we have deployed on a local machine and the version is ok. maybe we can provide you with some logs or values to make sure we’re doing everything right?

On my end the production environment seam to be back on track. I suppose you deployed on the local machine with the FOREST_ENV_SECRET related to your production.
Can you confirm it is working on the app?

There are no errors in Forest’s work now. Thanks for the help

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@Arnaud_Moncel we have 5 environments
three of them have been updated to 8.7.9
but 2 environments show version 5.7.0.
our developers say that everything is updated, but the web version has different information. How can we check this?)

Hi @a.cherkashchenko :wave: I see your environment DEMO and QA2 seam to not be up to date.
The last time we received a schema is at 26/05/2023 15:19:22 for the both.
Please make sur the code is up to date on these particular instance, more specifically the forestadmin-schema.json :pray: And restart it to send the schema to forest.
Please have a look on the server logs and keep me update.

Hello @Aleksandr91 and @cherkashchenko31 / @a.cherkashchenko, do you have any updates regarding your server logs and the upgrade of the 2 environments?

Hello @Aleksandr91 and @cherkashchenko31 / @a.cherkashchenko,

The DEMO and QA2 environments are still locked to version 5.7.0 and were last updated on 04/27/23 11:00:42. Should we assume that they are no longer in use and you may want to delete them so that we can proceed with the role migration of your project?

Please let us know!


Hello. Sorry for the long answer. We will remove the DEMO and QA2 environments. Thanks

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