Dev Environment Not Reachable/On-Going Schema File Issue

Hey guys!

So, I feel like I’m having an on going issue with my schema file generation. It looks like every time I restart my local server I lose my layout configuration of smart fields and smart actions. I have not had this issue until the past couple weeks, and it makes my nervous/uncomforatable to build locally because I’m not sure if I’ll have to rebuild/copy my layout configuration or not.

I started my server this morning and all my smart fields and actions have been reset again, and I was not able to reach my backend. This the errors I got in my console log.

I reached out to Louis to see if it was possible to setup a call because I’m not sure why this issue is persisting. Any further insight you guys had would be very helpful, thanks!

If it’s something on my end, I just want to make sure I understand. Thank you!

I am having the same issue. Only in development.
It seems the team introduced a regression bug just recently and they have been trying to fix it for the last few hours.


While everything is fine in my backend. It is up, running and showing no errors.

I’m running into the same exact issues - including the CORS error messages. It specifically seems to be related to a request header here - sentry-trace. Any chance that’s something new?

I’m just getting started with ForestAdmin so I don’t have much to go off of but I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong and why I can’t get my project working. Looks like this is a larger issue - is there a better place to receive status updates? Is this something that’s being looked into?

Hi @conrad @jonl @conrad,

I’ve just answer a similar issue here Localhost environment not loading

The issue comes from our end and is being rollbacked right now.

Really sorry for the inconvenience, but everything should be back to normal soon. Thanks for the logs and browser infos, it really helped us to track this issue down :pray:


No. Thank you guys for being on top of this at this time of the day.

Meanwhile we fix the issue, you can replace your dev environment settings (in project settings):

  • from: http://localhost:3310
  • to:

We will keep you updated once we fix the issue for localhost configuration


I confirm the workaround is valid.

Hi @Matt , @jonl,

The patch has been released 9 hours ago, everything should be fine since.
Let us know if the issue is not solved on your end.


Awesome, looks to be working on my end. Thanks @arnaud @SebastienP and @jeffladiray! And thanks @jonl and @conrad for the insight on your end!


Confirmed here as well, all seemed to be working normally after the fixes yesterday afternoon! Thanks to @arnaud, @SebastienP & @jeffladiray