Layout broken on production


I don’t exactly know what elements I can bring here to justify my point but :

My layout is completely broken on production, completely not the same than in local, since yesterday night.

I don’t know what more to say, I try to update the forestadmin-schema.json but it doesn’t do anything.

Help !!!

Hi @arnaudambro,

Your username is connected to 4 projects. What is the project name related to this issue?

Can you please describe the situation:

  • production env is “broken”
    • can you access it?
    • can you access all teams?
    • are some elements (collections/segments/charts) missing?
      • are they still missing in layout editor mode? (hidden collections for example)

Maybe a video or any comment about the problem may help.


(details received in private)

The forestadmin-schema.json files received are differents between development and other environments. They are the same between staging and production. Do you confirm they are different on your servers?
This file is generated from the server code.
Can you please double-check that these environments are sharing the same code?


Yes I can confirm it is the same code

And when I “copy layout” from local to staging, it stays the same

Are the generated files “forestadmin-schema.json” also the same between dev and staging/prod?

I trippled check, and juste deployed, and it’s everywhere the same code.
I also deployed the foresadmin-schema.json so unless you guys are making any changes, it’s the same as locally.

BTW, why should I check the foresadmin-schema.json on servers ? It’s server generated isn’t it ? And when I “copy layout” it’s replacing the existing ones isn’t it ?

Thank you for these inconvenient checks.

Ok, I understand now than “code” on your side includes the forestadmin-schema.json, that was not obvious for me. Thanks

Let’s explain more in details:
Schema (forestadmin-schema.json) and layout are different things.

  • Schema are generated by your servers except the production one (NODE_ENV == ‘production’)
    • dev and staging are generating a schema (and it should be versionned under your git)
    • production is using the schema coming from your git repo.
  • Layout is a forest side stuff, it come as an additional layer on top of the schema and it contain anything customized from the UI. You can copy-layout things from an environment to another, the the schema must be compatible.

It seems your schema were renewed this afternoon.

  • dev, updated today at 14:01:30, agent version 7.6.0
  • staging, updated today at 08/09/2021 14:25:36, agent version 7.9.2
  • production, updated today at 08/09/2021 14:26:14, agent version 7.9.2

They were differents this morning but they are the same now (except a planA enum value missing in dev). Is the problem fixed?

If the problem is still not fixed, since agent version (forest-express-mongoose) is different from dev to other environments, that is possibly the source of the problem, but we do not reproduce the issue. In this case, can you try to put your staging under version 7.6.0 to verify if that fixes the issue?


Well, seems to work now… very weird, it’s the first time it’s happening like that, and I don’t have the feeling that I did anything different…

Anyway, thanks a lot for the help !

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Hello !

I still have some weird behaviors, like my summary is broken for instance, without me doing anything special.
I’m a bit confused, don’t you think it might have something to do with you guys ? that you changed something that broke something or whatever ?
If it’s not on your side, I need to worry because it means it’s on my side and I have no idea…

Hi @arnaudambro,

When there was problems with the staging and the production, Forest was receiving incorrect forestadmin-schema.json files. There was missing or invalid data in the “collections” array.

I do not know why the problem stops and I was surprised it was the case without any changes, of course. :frowning:

Can you please describe the summary problem in a new topic? (which environment is working/failing, which component.) You can link this one of course.

Few conjectures: Summary view are part of the layout (which is build on top of the schema). For example, if a collection is renamed, it’s considered as totally new, and layout elements (like summary) based on the old named collection are lost. If some schema file was sent without a collection, and then it came back again, this may cause the layout disappear.