Disable creating / editing dashboards / charts to specific useres

Hi! We’ve got some pretty sensitive tables in our database that we don’t want to allow custom charts / sql queries to be built on top of via Forest Admin’s dashboard chart features. Is there a way to disable custom SQL queries when building charts or remove certain collections from the chart builder?

Hello @schalkwijk,

Sadly we do not currently have an out of the box solution for your specific need. I could suggest you to sparsely hand out the Editor/Dev permission level to limit the access of charts creation/edition, but I can understand that this might not be a viable path for you.

As you are using forest-express-sequelize, there is also the possibility to override to route and throw if a chart tries to access any sensitive collection.

Nonetheless we have taken note of your need and we are not against the idea of expanding our current roles/permissions to restrict access on SQL queries/Charts.

Best regards,

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