Implement Filter based on yearly, monthly or weekly on Dashboard

I would like to Implement filter on Dashboard.
Suppose I want total employees, totals products, total sellers or many more. I need this all data monthly, yearly, or weekly basis. How can I create it. Please help me.

Thanks in advance

Hello @Mayur_Malviya,

Thanks for your message.

If I understand well, you wish to have only one dashboard with the possibility to change the timeframe of all charts?
Unfortunately, this is not something doable yet with Forest Admin.

But I am definitely pushing this need into our features requests so that it would be tackle in the future.
Meanwhile, you could do several dashboards to switch easily between weekly, monthly and yearly basis?



@adriguy Thanks for this suggestion. Can you tell me how can I create multiple Dashboard as you metioned in above attached photo?


When being on the dashboards tab, click on “edit layout” button (little pencil on the top right hand corner).
You should then see a little “+ Add” orange button on the left panel.


Just hit it and you will be able to add other dashboards.

Let me know if you figure it out!

@adriguy Thank you so much for your prompt response. I have found this way and as of now I can go through that.

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