Disable fields from index view (from codebase)

Feature(s) impacted

Index view (all tables)

Observed behavior

Every time we add a new relationship or field in the table it is automatically added to the “index” view. Unfortunately this leads to slow queries that hurt our database health. When we notice we disable them the way you reccomend doing it here How to disable field/relationship? - #5 by mjaidi (through the layout editor). But we have many many layouts and its painful to remember to do this every time for each layout.

Question / Request

Is there a way to disable the automatic display of new fields in the index?
Or even better, is there a way to whitelist what fields can be displayed in the index view from the codebase rather than having to go to the layout?

  • Project name: Okarito
  • Team name: Admin
  • Environment name: production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-rails 7.8.0
  • Database type: postgis (orm version ActiveRecord

HI @mjaidi :wave: unfortunately there is no way to do that automatically or by the code.
Thank for your feedback :pray: i will send your request to our product board.

Ah thats unfortunate. If this ends up on your roadmap or is released can you ping me?

Of course this thread is tagged on our product insight.

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