Make new fields invisible by default?

Whenever I create a new field, is it possible for it to be invisible by default. Right now it automatically shows up in the grid view in any collections or segments, and in the field to add a record in any collection. This can be tedious with multiple teams/collections/segments.

Hello @Matt,

This is not possible at the moment, but will indeed be useful. I’ll share your message with the team.

Thank you

Hi @Matt,

To complete @Guillaume_Deslandes answer,
this is something that is actually bothering other users in the community.
We agree on the fact that is not ideal, that’s why we plan to change the platform behaviour about your point in September.

The idea is to make any new:

  • collection
  • field
  • relationship
  • Smart Action
  • Smart Segment
    hidden by default and let layout editors display/enable them where needed.

@arnaud @Guillaume_Deslandes Awesome, sounds great! Thank you! That will be very helpful.