How to disable field/relationship?

Is it possible to disable some fields from the index view? It’s failing to load because complex join and I would like it doesn’t add value to the list.

We’re using Rails and the version is 7.6.11


Hello @Maicol_Bentancor, welcome to our community,
You can disable some fields from the interface by clicking here, on the “eye” icon. You can display this list by clicking on the “Edit layout” and on the icon on the left of your first column.

Thank you! I didn’t notice that field editor in the layout editor!

Hello @Alban_Bertolini

I’m running into a similar issue. Everytime we add a new relationship or field in the table it is automatically added to the “index” view. Unfortunately this leads to slow queries that hurt our database health. When we notice we disable them the way you reccomend doing it here (through the layout editor). But we have many many layouts and its painful to remember to do this every time for each layout.

Is there a way to disable the automatic display of new fields in the index?
Or even better, is there a way to whitelist what fields can be displayed in the index view from the codebase rather than having to go to the layout?

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Hi @mjaidi :wave: can you please open a new thread as this one is closed please :pray:
Don’t forget to fill as much as possible the thread template for simplify the support.

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Here you go Disable fields from index view (from codebase)