Do you have any feedback from using Forest along with a Supabase Postgres DB?

Is Supabase DB very slow when used by Sequelize ?

I have very poor performances with queries completing within 900ms to 2s sometimes while they should complete within 200ms max.

Have you ever had this kind of feedback from users integrating forest with Supabase ? Especially when there are a few belongsTo relationships.


Hello @Simon_BRAMI1

We didn’t have any feedback about performance issues with Supabase yet.

What kind of project do you have ? Is it instant setup or advanced setup ?

Hello @nbouliol,

I have an advanced setup.

If you have any feedback from other clients using a Supabase DB experiencing latency, I’d love to have their takeaways!

Do you have a specific use case that we can reproduce on local? :pray:

Not really, when I’m using forest with a Local Supabase environnement it’s lighting fast. The performance issue are only in Production.

But I think the slowness is inherent of Supabase Disk Throughput limitation…

ok :face_with_head_bandage: If you find a reproductible use case le me know.
It will be a pleasure to help you.

Have you tried evaluating the sequelize list to target code latency?

Just found out what was causing this slowness… :joy:

The company I’m working with had a very long running job (~20-25min) using the DB intensively, and it was running every hour…

We just modified the cron to running only once a day, by night. And everything seems to work fine now!

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:partying_face: :laughing:
Good news then! I’m closing the thread then.

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