Loading my record takes a while sometimes

I’ve looking for tips to speed up the loading speeds.
I have 132k entries in the view and I’m normally searching by one column.
Here’s some ideas:

  • Upgrade heroku?
  • Indexes on the psql table

What will help in improving search speeds & loading times?

Hi @Henry,

Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

Upgrading your Heroku subscription to handle SQL query performance issues seems like a bit overkill (as it often foreshadows database or query definition issues).

That being said, I see two possible explanations here:

  • Either it’s a ForestAdmin issue. But to effectively state that, you’ll need to take a look at both your models definition and the executed SQL query (to make sure it’s formatted correctly).
  • Or it’s a database performance issue that you can improve (lack of indexes for instance).

As I was looking fo ways to improve postgreSQL database performances, I came across this StackOverflow post that hints quite a lot of ways to do so.

I hope it will help!

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Hi @Henry, @lamatt_v I share 2 additional ideas.

For global performance optimization, you can adapt your layout configuration. More info about that in our documentation:

If you use the search feature, you can restrict the columns where Forest Admin should search. More info about that in our documentation: