Slow display (search feature)


I have a lot of trouble using my Forest because i find it very slow.
Specific usecase : when I look for a customer in our database, the results display after 5 - 15 seconds of wait… this is very long, especially when you have the customer on the phone. The developers told me they have no problem at all, but I heard that I am not the only one with this issue.

How could I know where the problem is coming from ? I have 0 problem with other websites/apps.

I use Google chrome.

Thx for your help !

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Hi @PierreGoch,

There can be many reasons that could explain why your data is slow to be retrieved.

If it happens only during a search usage, maybe your tech team should reduce the number of fields to look at during a search (see this documentation).
But if the search request is so long, your development team should not tell you that there is no problem.
Simple monitoring tools should reveal this.

If what is said above does not help, would you mind sharing a screen recording (using for instance) that shows the latencies?
Another way to investigate is to look at the requests time when you access a customer detail page using your Chrome browser console (network tab). It should let you see the slowest requests.

Thanks for your help :pray: