Documentation around smart views or possible resources to learn from

We’re looking to further use the smart views which is a really powerful features. And looking to see if there is any further documentation around this or resources that can be used to get a better understanding.

As I see there’s the option to use checkboxes, radio buttons, tables, etc but we can seem to find where these are mentioned in the document. I know that these is a new feature from forest admin but any help or direction on this is truly appreciated.

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Hi @Zero,

Thank you for your enthousiasm :slight_smile:
For now we just have this page about smart view creation and some basics: Create and manage Smart Views - Documentation
It’s lacking a UI components list usable in a smart view, sorry for that.
We are working on it. I put your present request to accelerate this.


Thank you, we’ve been using that as a reference but would be nice to have documents of the UI components at least the basic ones that are used in forest admin already just like how we have documents for the fields:Display widgets - Documentation

would be nice to know how to call these as I even there is the code for it already, so this way we don’t have to be creating custom input fields, labels etc