EMERGENCY: Can't Log Into Account + New Development Beta: "Unauthorized" to deploy layout changes from staging to production

Hey guys!

I’m in the beta for the new development workflow. I created a branch, made layout changes, pushed that branch to staging, made some more layout changes, and when I clicked to deploy the changes from staging to production, I received a “Deployment Failed: Unauthorized” error. Below is a screenshot of my console. Any idea why this would be? I’ve deployed my code, so getting the layout changed pushed promptly would be helpful, thank you!

UPDATE: Myself and none of my team mates can now login to their accounts. I’m not sure if this is because I tried to login to my account on a different browser, or if it’s related to the unauthorized error above. Is there anyone currently on call/available to help with this?

This is my console after attempting to login:

Here’s another console log after attempting to login:

Hi @Matt,

We experienced instabilities in the last hour.
It seems fixed now.

Do you still experiment those issues?

Thanks for your help.


Just wanted to add – the problem is fixed for my team

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Hey @arnaud

Gotcha. Everything seems back up to speed now. Thank you for jumping on it!