Environment configuration returns back after copying

I’ve tried copying configuration from one environment to another twice yesterday.
At the first glance it looks fine: success is confirmed by the email and when I login onto the target env, I see, that configuration has been updated.

But when I return to the environment after some time (probably relogin?), it looks as nothing’s been done to it.


  • Project Name: Leadtime App

Hello @Vasilii I’m sorry you encountered this issue and we are investigating to know what happened. First I would need to know if your environments variables are shared between your different environments?

Hi @lclisson! The only Forest Admin related variable in common between environments is the 2fa salt.

Hi @Vasilii,

We observed that, since May 18th, you have different instances (from different IPs) that send regularly 2 different forestadmin-schema to your Forest Admin Production environment. It leads to a situation where you have collections destroyed and re-created a few seconds later with a cleared UI configurations.

We suspect that you have deployed your Production admin backend on several machines and an old one is still alive and continues to synchronise an old schema regularly. Would that be possible?

If we cannot find out the instance that continue to send unexpected schema, an easy option is to generate a new environment secret for you Production instances it would automatically filter out old machines alive with the old environment secret.

Let us know.

Hi, @arnaud! Thanks, that indeed was the issue. :dart: :+1:t2:
There were two instances attached to a single incoming http trigger.

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