Error create and edit chart in dashboard


Today i try to edit and create a basic chart on my dashboard but it doesn’t work. Would you like to help me please?


Hi @Benjamin,

Thank you for reporting this issue, it seems that we are experiencing issues on charts validation.

In order to assist you, could you give me me the following informations about the errored charts:

  • Does this happen on all type of charts (single value, repartition)?
  • Does this happen only on editing charts or also when creating one?

Thank you


thank you for your respond. It happens on all type of charts and when we are creating and editing.

@Benjamin, we recently fixed an issue regarding chart validators. You probably made changes on a chart before that change that put you in an invalid state.

From what I can see on my end, the issue seems to come from the Nouveaux inscrits chart. Could you try to make a dumb edition on this chart (such as a description one that you’ll remove just after)? It should bring back this chart in a valid state.

Don’t hesitate to come back if the issue persists after this edition.

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Thank it seems that it’s working

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