Error while trying to login to forest

After upgrading my forest to v7 and adding some more models, I am getting error “Your password is incorrect, please try again.” when I try to login

Hey @Kamara_Fidele and welcome to our community :wave:

Let’s start with some ground questions to begin the investigation, shall we? :mag:
I need the followings:

  • What’s your project name?
  • What’s your environment name?
  • What’s your agent type (rails, express…)? You upgraded from v6 to v7 right?

Also, do you mind sharing any failure logs related to that? Either from your agent or the network and console tabs of your browser. :clipboard:

Waiting for your answer :muscle:

The project name: Kamara
Agent type: express
I upgraded from v6 to v7.

The logs are just the response from the server: POST forest/sessions 401 Unauthorized

Hey @Kamara_Fidele
Did you perform the migration directly in production? :male_detective:

But I followed all the instructions for handling breaking changes

@Kamara_Fidele Indeed, but…

:warning: By default, when in production (discriminated by the NODE_ENV value), the agent does not update/regenerate/send the apimap with the new version therefore our API does not know you are on the v7 now.

:arrow_right: I suggest you perform the migration in one of your environments in development, which will update the apimap. Then commit your changes to production and :tada: (normally :smile:).

Waiting for your feedback :muscle:

The issue got solved.
The apimap was not being updated