[Express] Smart Relationship do not display global smart action


I have a global smart-action “Créer une candidature” in my collection “application” :

  name: 'Créer une candidature',
  endpoint: '/forest/application/actions/create-application',
  type: 'global',
  fields: [{ field: 'Candidat', isRequired: true, type: 'String', reference: 'care-giver.id' }],

I have a relation Annonce.hasMany(Application), in the related data section “Candidature” I can see my smart-action.

I have a relation Annonce.BelongsTo(Beneficiary), i created a smart-relationship in Beneficiary collection to display the applications (beneficiary.annonce.applications). The data are displayed but i don’t have the smart-action.

But if i select one record i can see the single smart-actions

  • Project name: click-and-care-backoffice
  • Team name: ClicknCare
  • Environment name: Preprod
  • Agent type & version: forest-express-sequelize 8.5.8

Hi @Justin_Martin,

I will try to reproduce on Monday.

Have a great week end :wink:

I do reproduce your issue. I’ll create a ticket. You’ll be able to keep track of the status below:


Any update about fix ?

Hey @Justin_Martin :wave:

We’ve released the fix this morning. Could you confirm that the issue is fixed on your end?
(A hard refresh of the app is necessary)


Perfect work well thanks !

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