Field attribute not getting updated within :Load hook


i am trying to update some field attributes within the :load hook for a smart action with a form but some attributes change and others don’t for some reason.

here is the code that’s making the update:

and here’s the form after loading in the smart action:

Hello (again :slight_smile: ) @huss

Could you share here or via DM your project name & the version of forest-rails you are using?
This was a known issue from the past, but from what I recall, it has been fixed (Or at least, I’m not able to reproduce the issue with the latest forest-rails version).

Let me know :pray:

hello again :sweat_smile:

thanks for the quick reply :grin:

the project name is Phinests and the forest-rails liana_version we’re using is 7.0.1

You should upgrade to 7.0.2, it seems like this was fixed in this version.

Let me know if that helps

ill do it and let you know

thank you so much!

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i updated my forest_liana version and it worked.

Thank you!!