How to enable ordering and filtering on smart collections?

Expected behavior

When I create a smart collection I expect to be able to order by any string/date/number columns and filter.

Actual behavior

All the buttons for ordering and filtering are not displayed.


I followed this tutorial to create a smart collection (I have a forest file and a route file, no model file)

  • Package Version: 6.0.0
  • Express Version: 4.16.3
  • Sequelize Version: 5.15.1
  • Database Dialect: PSQL
  • Database Version: PostgreSQL 12.1
  • Project Name: Libeo

Hi @Sammy_Teillet,

Thank you for reaching with your concern and welcome to the ForestAdmin community!

As smart collections are intended to be manually handled by developers, you have to define your own logic for the filtering/ordering.

Could I take a look at the route file you wrote, so maybe I can give you a hand on defining the ordering/filtering logic?

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