Forest Admin Payment Method

I wasn’t entirely sure where to ask this question, but I’m trying to change the payment method Forest Admin uses to bill my company for our team plan and I can’t find anything under the Billing section of the Project Settings view. Help!

Hey @schalkwijk and welcome back :wave:

First off, I’ll need the followings :clipboard::

  • What is your project name?
  • What is your current mean of payment?

If you are trying to update your billing information (using a credit card that said), there is a button Edit Details.

Waiting for your answer :muscle:

Hi @Romain_Coudour!

Project name is Forerunner Admin, and I think the current payment method is credit card (but I don’t see any Edit button anywhere).

Hey @schalkwijk,
The issue has been found :muscle:. Spoiler alert, it should be completely resolved in a near future for others in your case.

In the meantime, I will transfer your issue to the appropriate team so they can quickly handle it :hammer_and_wrench:.
For that, I’ll request that you write to (for more privacy) with the link to this thread.

Cheers :pray::evergreen_tree: