*All* account data is missing from my account (payment info, project, environments, everything)

Feature(s) impacted

My ForestAdmin account has none of my account data in it (project, environments, payment info, etc.). I have emailed support@forestadmin.com too, but am desperate and thus posting here as well.

Observed behavior

When i log into my account (avocado876@gmail,com) or my client’s account (don’t want to type the account name here), there should be a project (called “CourtScribes”); it is gone, as of a few hours ago. Environments associated with that project are also of course gone. Payment history and other payment-related info: also gone. I don’t remember if I could see payment info in my account or not, but I could see it in my client’s account. Other team-members accounts probably still exist, but they are no longer linked to my account or project in any way.

Note: this is not a problem with missing data stored in my app’s databases (which I manage via FA); that data is fine. It is a problem with ForestAdmin not displaying any of my ForestAdmin-stored account data.

Expected behavior

I expect to see my project, my environments, my payment info and history, etc. etc. etc. Currently, and as of a few hours ago, I see nothing.


  • Project name: CourtScribes
  • Team name: Don’t remember; maybe Operations
  • Environment name: all of them are missing (Staging, Production)
  • Agent type & version: forest-express-sequelize 7.12.5
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: Several experiments with Development environments associated with my account and my client’s account.

Hi @avocado876,

Welcome in our community forum !

It looks like the project CourtScribes has been deleted 3 hours ago by a owner with “admin” permissions.
Our customer support team apparently restored this project for you.

Do you confirm it is working as expected right now?

Thanks very much, @arnaud. No, I cannot confirm that the issue is resolved yet; I get a “your project is being configured” message, and my client cannot see the CourtScribes project at all. But I’m in touch with Louis from your CS team, who is helping me. Many thanks.

We had a cache refreshing issue at the end of the project restoration process.
It should be now perfectly up and running on your end.

Let us know.

@arnaut yes, things look to be working perfectly now, which I’ve just told Louis Steenbrink. Thank you so much for your attention to this! As far as you know, does this mean that our problem is solved? Or is it possible that there are other lurking issues? In the coming days, I hope to do some development using your development workflow (branches and so on). But I don’t want to touch a system that still might have hidden issues. What do you think?

In the near future, we will patch the restoration issue we detected with your project support.

But I can confirm that your project is now in the same state as it was before your accidental deletion.
You can play with it without any fear.

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Thanks so much @arnaud. I truly appreciate the work you and Louis and others have done today to get things back to normal. Thanks again.