Forest admin stuck on loading for all users (Cannot set property 'lid' of undefined)

Expected behavior

I can load forest admin at

Actual behavior

Forest Admin loads forever or shows 500 internal error (“our servers encountered an error”).

See screenshot

Hey @tjpalanca :wave:

Could you share/fill the issue template (especially the project name and package versions) so I can check on my end if I can see any issue?


Thanks for the reply @jeffladiray


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version: Not sure what this is
  • Express Version: 4.16.4
  • Sequelize Version: 5.15.2
  • Database Dialect: PostgreSQL
  • Database Version: 11.3
  • Project Name: First Circle Data


First things first, it looks like you are using a quite old version of the forest-express-sequelize.
Your should consider going to v5v6v7, especially because of this issue that will happen soon.

In any case, the issue might come from elsewhere though.

  • Do you have an approximated date when you started to experience this issue?
  • Do you use a specific link to access your app (Like a link from an email, etc…)? Or do you use the project list to access your project?

Thanks for your help


I understand on the forest version, we are not making any major changes or developing on it currently, but yes we have an upgrade scheduled and I don’t expect this to affect the browser.

Our users noticed it starting today, but unsure as to actual onset. We simply go to to access and we are logged in to the only project in the list.


I’m currently unable to reproduce. Could you share the request payload (body + response?) of the failing request ?

@jeffladiray I literally can’t even access the first screen. It is failing on login. There is no request payload for this unless you count GET Have you checked the JavaScript console on my screenshot?

I’m attaching another version of this error:

I do indeed.
On our monitoring tool, 'lid' on undefined is associated to a failling HTTP call, hence my question.
The network tab should indicate which call is failing.


I can’t see any failing network calls. that lid is probably being called from JS. Note that screenshot has status descending.


Same thing for the internal server error. At this point I have brought down my forest servers so it’s definitely not our code.

Ok. Maybe I’m wrong on my analysis here.
You should have a call to<xxxx>

in the list. Could you (privately) send it to me so I can investigate this?

Was able to resolve it by going to different groups until one of them stuck.

So you have only some teams that are not working?
If that’s the case, could you send me a team name that is failing?

PMed you with the details!

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