Our server encountered an error when opening Admin panel

Hi there, had to get in touch so after express-mongoose installation and backend server setup success. I seem to can’t go to the app.forestadmin.com page so I can access the admin panel, the process seems so easy but complicated

How best can I go past this since I also can’t access the app.forestadmin.com site

Expected behavior

Manage to login into https://app.forestadmin.com/********/Development/

Please describe here the behavior you are expecting.

Actual behavior

What is the current behavior?

Failure Logs

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Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Package Version:^8.3.7
  • Express Version:~4.16.1
  • Sequelize Version: n/a
  • Database Dialect: Mongo DB
  • Database Version: n/a
  • Project Name:banc-abc-dashboard

Hello @mufarotiiie,

Thank you for your feedback.

Could you please confirm your project name? I cannot find “banc-abc-dashboard” on my end.

Also, can you show me the command you type to get the first screenshot with the “cannot create your development environment” error?

Thank you

Hi, trading-desk-banc-abc is the project name, the development error has gone but can’t seem to access the admin dashboard, here is a screenshot of the page that appears when I try opening the admin portal link

Hello @mufarotiiie,

Thank you for your answer.

I ran some commands internally to try to fix your issue, can you tell me if the issue is still there?

If yes, can you please check the network tab of your browser’s developer tools, and share with me the details (request, headers, response, url…) of any query with an error status?
This will help me pinpoint the source of this issue.


When I look into your project, there is no model/collection listed.
We do no properly support connecting to mongoDB instances where there is not collection to access.

Is this the case on your side?
If yes, can you add a model? If not, your can try running forest schema:update to update the definitions.

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How do I specify the models for the application? and I ran forest schema:update but I got informed that databases.js does not exist, is this where I specify the models?


Models matching you MongoDB collections should have been created in the /models subdirectory of your project when you onboarded your project.

Could you make sure that your run the schema update from within your project directory, and share the full output with me? This will help understanding your issue.

Can you also confirm the project ID corresponding to your project? It seems you created 3 of them.
You can find it in the network tab of your developper tools, in the headers of the requests going to api.forestadmin.com

Thank you