Forest Admin UI does not update with changed Schema

Feature(s) impacted

Forest Admin UI and deployments.

Observed behavior

Recently I have made many changes to the names of models, smart fields and enums. The .forestadmin-schema.json is successful updating on builds, however, the Forest Admin UI is referencing tables and fields that no longer exist (in the schema and in our database). For example, the Collection DbLateFeeConfigs no longer exists in the schema but still appears as a Collection.

For more context, this issue appeared locally. After about 5 restarts of the local environment, the issue seemed to fix itself. But the issue is still being found on our hosted Staging environment, and ideally we would not like to have to restart it more times than needed.

Expected behavior

When the .forestadmin-schema.json is updated, then changes should appear on the UI.


  • Project name: Bridgement.1
  • Team name: Bridgement
  • Environment name: DEVELOPMENT and STAGING
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: forest-express-sequelize: ^9.2.5,
  • Database type: Postgres
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: Many changes were made that affected the .forestadmin-schema.json

Hi @SoftwareBridgementKe,

I can see no DbLateFeeConfigs collection in any of your pushed schemas in the Bridgement.1 project.
Do you see any server log that indicates that the schema has or has not been pushed to Forest Admin servers ?
Some other community thread deals with a similar issue. If the issue persists, maybe you can try what it says:

  • check in your .env that you have not NODE_ENV=production
  • force sending your schema with the command: forest schema:apply

Best regards