Forest auth issue

Hi, we are experiencing auth problems since yesterday, first, it was an SSL issue that was resolved by you guys, but now there is the invalid_client_id error, we are not using FOREST_CLIENT_ID and we did upgrade to the 7.2.2 version as per your recommendation in the other thread, but the error persists, what would be the next steps to try?


So, to recap, you are using rails, and upgraded to the version 7.7.2, is that correct?

Can you please share the call that is failing on your side, using the development tools of your browser.

Yes, using rails and forestliana@7.2.2,

Call that is failing is:

{"errors":[{"status":400,"detail":"Invalid client id","meta":{},"name":"InvalidClientIdError"}]}

Actually I need to check the client_id. You can share it publicly or by direct message. This id is not something that can be reused in other contexts.

Did send you in dm, just in case

Ok, the client id has been issued in July, so your server is probably using a cached client id.

Is it possible for you to clear the rails cache on your side?

Yes, that was it, all fixed now, cheers!