Forest Schema Not Updating

Anytime I add a new field to a model, a new smart action, etc. It appears that my schema file is not automatically updating based off these changes. Do you guys know where I could possibly look to start troubleshooting why this might be happening? Thanks!

Hey @Matt,

I’m assuming you are working with either forest-express-sequelize or forest-express-mongoose, is that correct?

If yes, I would suggest to start looking at:

  • Does you server restart after each model modification? The schema is only re-generated on server startup.
  • What is your current NODE_ENV value? Schema will only be re-generated if NODE_ENV="" or NODE_ENV=“dev”|'development"
  • Is there any logs/deprecation warning that are display upon server startup? Some of theses can lead to a schema not being generated.

If all theses steps are ok on your end, then further investigation might be needed.

Hope this helps :pray:

Hey @jeffladiray It looks like it was the ENV variable. Thank you!

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