Forest suddenly won't load on application startup

One of my RoR applications went down. It appears to be caused by a fatal error at initialization. I’ve tracked it down to Forest not loading. I get the error “Cannot find the project related to the env_secret you configured. Can you check on Forest that you copied it properly in the forest_liana initializer?” But nothing changed in my app since 2018. The last deployment was 18 months ago. My project still exists when I log in so I’m not sure what happened. I also see no way to obtain a new key. I discovered the issue has been ongoing for at least since October 5th. It is possible that is when it started but I’m not sure.

What could cause this and how can I fix it? In the meantime I have removed Forest entirely from my app.

Hello @nullapps,

I think it can be related the major outage we encounter a few weeks ago. 🚨 Forest down (SSL issue) - Trouble logging in - error 400: Invalid client id 🚨 - #63 by GuillaumeGautreau.

Can you provide any relevant information about your setup ? Forest_liana version so we could be sure that the problem can come from this ?


Are you suggesting this is related to the recent Let’s Encrypt SSL issue. I wouldn’t be surprised. Looks like I’m using 1.5.0. I see it was using 2.4.1 but was reverted 3.5 years ago.

Seems the CA certs needed to be updated on the servers. So looks like that was it.

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However that did not resolve the issue.

@nullapps what are you still encountering ? Can you share some logs ? And also the current Forest_liana gem you use ?