Forest User experiencing "Upgrading plan" pop-up


Expected behavior

We’re on the “Starter” Forest plan so when we navigate on Forest, nothing should ask our users to upgrade to “Starter”.

Actual behavior

For one of our users (and only for him) :, for each Forest page he visits, he have this pop-up attached asking him to “upgrade to starter”.

Failure Logs

There are no failure, he can close it each time and continue to navigate.

Is there an issue with our Forest pro plan ?


Hi @Guillaume_Laganier

Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

Sorry to read that you experience plan limitations even if you already have a “Starter” plan.
Do you confirm that no similar issues occur to other Okarito team members?

Hi Arnaud,

Thanks ! Yes I confirm, he’s the only one experiencing it. I though it might be because he’s our 11th user on our Forest plan, but our 12th user don’t have this issue :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help and have a nice day,

Hi @Guillaume_Laganier,

Could you ask the user experiencing the issue to logout/login? If that doesn’t work could he also try to login on an incognito tab?

I hope this will fix the issue, let me know if it does not

The famous logout/in !

It worked thanks :slight_smile:

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