Forestadmin table schema keeps reverting

Feature(s) impacted

Forestadmin tables preview

Observed behavior

Once I create a new deployment to my EC2 instance I can observe all tables in the Edit Permissions section. I give the role access and am able to preview the tables and interract with them as usual. After 1-2 hrs, I log in again into forestadmin and the newly added tables dissapear. I cannot find them in Edit Permissions and they dissapear for all roles. I am left with only the old tables. No new deployment is done. Forestadmin schema json is not altered. Then if I create a new deployment again, I can view all tables again and then they dissapear again after a few hours. EC2 instance files are never altered.
I’ve been having this issue for the past month at least and I have deployed somewhere around 10 new tables on different occasions. They show up for a few hours and then dissapear again. EC2 foreastadmin schema json contains the tables, but they are just not shown in the admin panel after a few hrs since deployment.

Expected behavior

View all tables as per Forestadmin schema json. Not have tables always dissapear after a few hours.


  • Project name: Provenance
  • Team name: Operations
  • Environment name: Production
  • Agent (forest package) name & version: @forestadmin/agent": “1.4.5” npm
  • Database type: MySQL

Hello Emil,
Thank you for the issue.
Do you have the same behavior on your others environments?
I have checked your calls on our API and everything seems fine. The last time you have updated your schema is the Oct 25 02:19.
Do you have a load balancer in front of your EC2 that forward on an other agent ?