Getting back a team that was removed

seems like i’ve done some big mess… trying cleaning some teams and roles and so on, i’ve removed the main admin team with all charts…
is there any way to get back to the state we were few hours ago ??? there is hours of SQL graphs in there that i’ve lost !

I’ve mixed this with “copy configuration FROM” so i crashed the good team layout with a bad one and then deleted the bad ones…

Hi @Nils_Guicherd,

I am sorry to read what happened.

Unfortunately we do not provide layout versioning/backups for Free/Team plans.
It is an Enterprise feature.

I am afraid you’ll have to reconfigure what is necessary for your operations.

We are not free, we are under the Team plan currently.
Could we maybe access this just once by paying a one time fee ?

Indeed you are on a Team plan! Sorry for that! I updated my initial answer.

Providing such support would request a lot of unusual work on our side, as the backup feature has not been turned on before your incident. Let me contact our CS team to let them know.

thank you so much. I totally understand, we are open to know the price of such request.

Hi @Nils_Guicherd , as discussed over the phone today, it’s not possible on our end to retrieve the layout of your team. Indeed, that’s only possible with the “incident recovery” option we provide for Enterprise customers.

Be sure that our product team is working on this topic to improve the experience and make sure it. won’t happen in the future.

Thanks for your understanding and sorry again for the inconvenience.