HELP - 500 error on backend - Problems with role settings page

Hi, we’re facing an error in the forest admin panel.

At the moment, we can’t access the role panel because we get an error:

This error comes out as soon as we choose our staging (“stg”) environment in
Project Settings > Roles > [we choose a role] > [we click on the environment]

No error with the production (“prod”) environment.

Feature(s) impacted

Roles settings page shows an error.

Observed behavior

See above.

Expected behavior

Roles settings page should work without errors

Failure Logs

In the browser console we can see this error:

chunk.675.67b1bb7fa55b65478bc3.js:2 Error while processing route: project.project-settings.roles.details.environment-permissions.index Ember Data Request GET returned a 500
Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)
[object Object] Error: Ember Data Request GET returned a 500
Payload (application/json; charset=utf-8)
[object Object]
    at n.i (
    at new n (
    at d.handleResponse (
    at d.handleResponse (
    at A (
    at a.Promise.u.error (
    at l (
    at Object.fireWith [as rejectWith] (
    at S (
    at XMLHttpRequest.<anonymous> (
    at XMLHttpRequest.o (


  • Project name: Sailsquare
  • Team name: N/A
  • Environment name: stg-datamix and dev-datamix no problems with prod-datamix
  • Agent type & version: forest-admin-sequelize version 9.2.5 in the environments with the problem; version 8.5.3 in the prod environment, where there is no problem
  • Recent changes made on your end if any: We updated the forest liana version; we had changes to the sequelize models; we developed a number of features (including forest “things”, like smart actions…)

More info:

We can state that the problem persists also with forest-admin-sequelize v. 9.0.3 (we just tried with a previous version by rolling back to a previous develompent version in our code base).

Hello @Matteo,

Thanks for sharing so much detail about your issue. As you detected, this error comes from our servers. We investigate the issue right now and I’ll get back to you soon.

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Hello @Matteo,

We are still evaluating the best way to fix this issue on our side. The problem comes from the definition of the structure of your staging environment.

In your model, the collection Equipment declares a field named EquipmentBoats, referencing the field id_boat on the collection EquipmentBoat. But the collection EquipmentBoat does not exist in your schema.

Can you check on your side that this field is still present and references the correct collection?

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Thank you @GuillaumeGautreau for the hint. We’ll doublecheck on our side and I’ll let you know.

Thank you,

We just released a fix that will just ignore these invalid reference fields, so it should work on your side now even with this current configuration.

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