How do I create auditing records automatically?

Hi Guys!

My objective is to have a way to audit the work done by any agent using forest admin to update the content of our units.

How can I track changes done to each view by the agent name/email and get the related information (action performed, forest admin user, date and time)

Hi @Yusra_Bagosher !
If I understand correctly, you want to collect metrics on what actions are performed by the users of your ForestAdmin project ?

If ths is the case, you can check the activity tab in the interface which give access to such metrics.

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Hi @Nicolas_Sailly,

Yes, the activity tab is helpful, but it fully logged on Forest admin. It’s a solution for now, but ideally in the long run, i wanted to store the logs to our database as well. I believe we will require some coding from our end to achieve that.

But lets say, I performed an action on one of the units on Forest admin. The activity tab will inform me of the changes, however, I want this to also be stored on the database > Yusra performed action 123 on unit ID 12344 at this time.

Right now, we have a solution for this implemented where the agent will have to select their name from a user list upon unit creation, however, this is not practical. It is time consuming and inaccurate.

Hi @Yusra_Bagosher !
We currently don’t support this level of precision on the activity logs, and we currently don’t have a mecanism allowing their automatic exportation to our customers’ databases.

I’m pushing this feature request to our product team right away !

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Thanks, @Nicolas_Sailly, Really appreciate your support!