How to edit directly value in a cell on a data row

Dear Forest Admin Support,

I want implement action similar to image on link:

How to implement it?

Hung Chu

You just need to do a right click on a cell :wink: :

Thank @vince. I did it.
But how to input special field. Example: input with dropdown list.

Hello @chumanhhung235

I think you can find relevant information about the display and edit possibilities of Forest Admin there:

Let me know if this helps

hi @Guillaume_Deslandes,
i know but i want edit dropdown list similar to link (data list => right click => select item in dropdown list).

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Sorry @chumanhhung235 but the dropdown is not available in the inline editing, only when editing via the detail view.

I’ll share this issue with our team.

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@Guillaume_Deslandes: i think it is a suggestion new feature to the inline editing.

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