How to install external React package

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I have the following question:

I would like to integrate Retool Embed in ForestAdmin.

Is it technically possible to integrate the following React library in a Smart View of a collection? I have seen, that React is available in beta, but I don’t know how to install an external npm package.

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Hey @David_Roegiers , how are you ? :wink:

What are you aiming to achieve with this app that you couldn’t accomplish with FA? I’m seeking to grasp the specific use case you’re trying to establish.

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We use ForestAdmin for standard and data-based processes: order processing, handling account changes from our customer support, some CMS stuff, process cases, etc.

Besides that, we have a bespoke, long, and complex legal fulfillment process. It is somewhat standardizable, but this requires advanced features, such as a custom timeline presentation, dynamic actions, enriched comments, stopwatches. Things, which are not possible with low-code in ForestAdmin, but are with Retool.

The need of my question above: Our operator should be able to take care of all these processes without jumping from one UI to another, that is why I’d like to have it embedded in ForestAdmin.

Hello @David_Roegiers,
Your question is interesting, and we have been looking for options to handle your use case. We will get back to you asap with some ideas to try.

Thanks for your patience :pray:

Thanks @Nicolas.M, looking forward to your feedback!

Hello @David_Roegiers,
Sorry for the delay on this topic. Please bear with us as we are still working on this topic and will keep you updated.


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