How to speed up Forest Admin connected to LAMP stack?

Forest Admin is wonderful, however, a major issue is how long time it takes to perform a single query, which makes the admin portal unusable for us.

Expected behavior

Quick, efficient, and responsive results when searching, navigating, editing, or inserting data.

Actual behavior

Any of the actions above take more than 2 seconds to perform, even though it takes milliseconds when performed directly through the database.


  • Database is hosted in the US, West Coast on a Linux VPS.
  • Forest Admin is hosted in the US with Heroku.

What I understand is, the Forest admin panel is sending requests to the server located at Heroku, which in turn requests the main server and connected remotely to the MySQL data, and then later on the data is returned back to me.

My question is, is there any way to deploy the forest admin on the same server as my main server?

Let me know!

Hi @farouqaldori and welcome in our community :wave: ,

I’ll need a little bit more context to investigate your issues.
So first, did you try this tutorial ? If not please take a look and tell me if the performance are much better for you.

If you are still experiencing those latencies, it could be really helpful to have a video reproducing the error (You could use loom for instance) with the network tab open. To see if the request is long or the UI.