Filters on smart chart

Hi, I have created a smart chart showing the total transactions to each account. I would like to implement a filter, in order to get this same information but depending on the time period chosen. Is this possible? I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

Hi @usr1vang,

Can you share what you’ve done until now?


Yes. I attached below:

I want to implement a filter where i can select on chart a period on time so then render this same information buy only the ones between this period selected.

Ok, sure it is possible.

You just have to implement the filter you describe by yourself (this is not provided by Forest).

For example:

  • Template code: add some controls to select the timeperiod
  • Component code: get the timeperiod from the controls and pass it the fetch request
  • Route code: get the timeperiod parameters from the request and pass them to the transactions.find(...) call.

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Is there any documentation that explains in more detail how to create these custom charts?

There are smart charts examples here.

After all, smart charts are coded in ember js so there you may find additionnal help.