How do I duplicate a dashboard

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<How do I duplicate a series of charts in one dashboard to another dashboard? →

Observed behavior

<I need to re-create every chart (we have >10) in a new dashboard →

Expected behavior

Hello @Tori_Reichman!

Thanks for your message and welcome to our community :raised_hands:

Your question is totally fair. Unfortunately it is still not possible to do it… :no_mouth:
I am pushing your request to our Product board so that it would be possible in the future.

Out of curiosity, why exactly do you need to duplicate some charts from one to another?

Thanks again.

Hi @adriguy ,

Coming back to the same topic because i would have the same need. To answer your latest question :

The idea is that we create a set of 20+ charts for a customer and each customer would have the same charts but only the metric “company” would differ. I would be happy to have a full duplicate of the charts and manually change the company filter, or even better if this filter can be changed when duplicating the whole thing !

Hey @Nils_Guicherd,

Thanks for your message. It stirred up my curiosity!

I would know even more details about how the metric “company” would differ from one user to another.
But do you know that you can:

  • filter you data dynamically using scopes (data can be filtered based the current user value for instance)?
  • using workspaces, you can add a chart and then filter it based on the current user values or on the other components selections?

One of those things might help you for your use case!
Let me know.


Thanks for the help !

As I am the admin and business developer, i would need to see the data of all my clients in different dashboards. Scopes seems to help my clients to see only theirs… but i won’t log with their logins to have it filtered :slight_smile: the idea would be to reproduce the segment fonction which is in the data tab, but on the dashboard tab, on multi dashboards.

I see the point of scopes to restrick the amount of data visible for parteners, but still i have to create every graphics for each of them, no ?

Your second point seems more relevant to this case. But it seems i haven’t found how to filter a workspace dashboard based on certain components selections like “company table”

To make it more clear, here is basically what i’m trying to do :

I would love that when selecting a client in the box, the data below would automatically adjust using this client filter.

sorry for bothering you !


I’m very glad you mentioned this second point!
Actually we just released the possibility to do what you’re trying to do :raised_hands:

Here is the documentation on how to dynamically filter out a chart within a workspace.
Note that you need to upgrade your forest-express-sequelize agent to version 9.0.0 to make it work.

Please let me know how it goes, I will be very happy to help you out if needed :slight_smile: