Impossible to see some data in a related data table


Expected behavior

I have Summary view of my table “Organization” where I put the table “Roundtrips” in related data of the “Organization” Summary. When I click on the Roundtrips related data of the organization, I should be able to see all the roundtrips rows.

Actual behavior

Sas you can see in the attached screenshot, I should find 15 rows, but I only have 2 pages of 4 rows each. The 7 others are invisible. If search the missing ones by id, I’ll find them. But in an operationnal context, we need to do the opposite flow, find them is this view to get their id, etc.

  • Package Version: Forest Rails 5.4.4
  • Database Dialect: postgres
  • Database Version: 11
  • Project Name: Okarito Production

Do you know why we have this issue ?


Hi @Guillaume_Laganier :wave:

Have you got any error logs on your console?

What is the result of this request on your network tab browser console?

Switching to DMs to share the logs !

Thank I see you have 4 records in your payload can you confirm you set 4 records per page on the roundtrips collections?
Your return { count: 15 } right?
Have you override this route?