Installation stuck (want straight to production)

Ok so I ssh’ed to my server, installed nodejs, npm, lumber, copy-pasted the lumber command and your UI complains it can’t connect to “localhost” - what? I’m installing this on an EC2 server, why would I want “localhost”?

And there’s no option to change this as the only thing I get is the password entry popup and error message at the bottom.

Hello @Alex, thank you for your feedback, and welcome in the community :partying_face:.

[answer removed because it was incorrect]

Ok, got it.

  1. dev-enviroment is a PITA to set up on a Windows machine
  2. doesn’t make much sense since it points to a production db anyway

I guess i’m back to retool without even trying you guys. Sad, but already wasted 2 hours, can’t waste any more. Thanks for the clarification

Thanks for your honest feedback. We are adding the possibility to start with a remote environment on our list of feature requests.

Hello again @Alex

My previous answer was incorrect. You can create a development environment in your case, as documented here.

There is a command-line option on lumber to use when generating a project for a remote server. You have to specify --application-host [your host] before launching the lumber generate command.

If your project is already generated and you don’t want to generate it again, you can modify the environment variable APPLICATION_HOST on your project, and we can change it too on our side (you’ll have to wait for us to do the modification for it to work).

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