Your admin backend is unreachable

Hi, I’ve followed the setup instructions and when I go to http://my-ip:3310 I see “Your application is running!”.

But when I submit my password in the “Unlock your data” popup on* I get the following error: “Your admin backend is unreachable. Please check that it is running and respond to http://localhost:3310”.

What am I doing wrong? I installed it on a fresh Debian 10.

Hi @Nick1,

Welcome to the Forest Admin community!

By default, the onboarding process expects you to access the “Your application is running!” page at http://localhost:3310. It might not be the case for you as you seem to mention a “private” IP


Did you create the admin backend on your local machine or a distant one?

Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your fast reponse @arnaud!

I’m running it on external server but on http://localhost:3310.
The response of ‘curl http://localhost:3310’ on the server is ‘Your application is running!’
The response of http://server-ip:3310 also is ‘Your application is running!’

Ok I think I get the problem.

The lumber generate command (you used during the onboarding) provides a --application-host option (that is “localhost” by default).
This value tells the Forest Admin web client (in your browser) where to access the Admin API.
“localhost” is not the correct value in your case (because it is not hosted on your local machine).

So the simple way to fix this is to create another project and run the lumber generate command with the correct application host value (replacing “localhost” by your server ip). Then you should be good to go.

Does it make sense?

Thanks! I get it now.