Your admin backend is unreachable. Please check that it is running and respond to http://localhost:3310


First time i’m using Forest Admin. I did it on an O2switch hosting. All went well during installation process, I proceed to installation trought NPM and the process ended on…

which seems to be fine. However, when i go to the indicated link, i got the following error :frowning:

Can i find some logs or or any details to help debugging somewhere ? Do you already have an idea of what could be the issue ?


Hi @Nephistos,

We strongly suggest to install on localhost the first time that’s why we generate a command line with --application-host=localhost and --application-port=3310.
If you still want to go to a remote install for the first time you need to change those parameters. If it’s a remote it needs to be in https ! So you would do something like --application-host= --application-port=443

Your issue is due to the fact that you installed your project with a the localhost option but your server is not local at all :wink:

Hi @vince :slight_smile:

Thank you for your answer ! I applied your recommandation and it seems to work, I just got the following issue on the end of the procedure…

Apparently i just need to put some privilege on the 443 port, thing is i’m not allowed to do it by myself… I have to communicate the IP adress of the service who sollicitate the port to O2switch (hoster service) who put it on whitelist :confused:

Can you communicate me the IP adress i could transmit to them ? ^^


Not sure to understand ? You mean you could add may be ?.

They add (= to their whitelist but i still get the “port 443 privileges” error :frowning:

I’m sorry but I can’t help you on this topic.
Please contact the support of O2switch :pray:

that’s what i’ve done, I’ll continue to discuss with them… Just to be sure : The Forest Admin domain who need access to the 443 port is right ?

Thx for your help :slight_smile:

Yes :wink:

could you give me the IP adress of this domain ? (that’s what O2switch ask me for)

hi @Nephistos,

it’s honestly strange that a hoster requires to whitelist clients for incoming connections. All clients should be able to access a service on a standard port such as https.

Are you sure they are talking about the IP address of Forest Admin?

It sound strange to me also but i asked them how i could give the requried privileges to the 443 port and they answered me that they was not able to “unlock a port” and need to whitelist the IP adress of the service…

Hello @Nephistos,

Given you provider, can I guess that you read French?
If so, I found this page on their FAQ

It’s a wild guess, but I think you need to create the app on port 3000 on your side (--application-port=3000), and on ForestAdmin you need to set your hostname and port 443.
They seem to “translate” external ports (80, 443) to your app port (3000).