Invalid filter condition in segment

Condition on one of the Leads collection is pretty much broken.
When I open definition its definition, there’s no value specified for some reason.

If I correct segment’s definition, it works correctly until I refresh the page.

After refresh the value is lost again.

On the initial load of collection if doesn’t affect the work flow, as filters are undefined.
But user actions on the smart view of this collection trigger data refresh. After that filters are collected and sent to the backend, where exception occurs during filters aggregation.

Failure Logs

ERROR	InvalidFiltersFormat {
  name: 'InvalidFiltersFormat',
  message: 'Empty condition in filter',
  status: 422


Please provide any relevant information about your setup.

  • Database Dialect: postgresql
  • Project Name: Leadtime App
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Hi @Vasilii :wave:

Totally able to reproduce, I’m opening a ticket on our end.
Thank you for reporting this, we will keep you updated once fixed.

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Hi, @jeffladiray!

Thanks for the quick reply. What is the ETA for the fix?

Hello @Vasilii :wave:

A fix has just been released, can you confirm things are back to normal please ?

I’m marking the thread as resolved, I will reopen it if an issue persists :raised_hands:

Thanks for opening a thread in our community,


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Hi, @Steve_Bunlon

Yes, filtering condition from the segment is working as expected, thanks!

cc: @jeffladiray