Invitation and Google Login issue

I invited my colleague, however he can not enter now.
He clicked a link from invitation email, and login using google SSO. It is loading something infinite. Refreshing doesn’t work.

I think it is issue of the cloud frontend. What can I do in this situation?

Do I have to change his browser?

Hello @smy0906 :wave:

  • What browser does he use?
  • Could you ask him if he has some error in console?

Note for future readers: This issue could be related: Hide Tables based on user team

I’m using Firefox 80.0.1 (64 Bit). macOS Catalina (10.15.6)

The http status code is 422. Detail message: the user must have access to the project to update its permissionLevel. Please try refreshing the user list.

The example is inside the video I posted earlier.

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@james-janetech Thank you for the details! :point_right: In this particular thread, I asked the question to @smy0906 to be sure they have the same problem.

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Sorry for late.
He is a business guy. I think I should check the console logs when I meet him.

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He used Windows 10 and Chrome. Today he accepted the invitation using Microsoft Edge and he has been entered. It is weird I think above two browsers have the same base engine.

If I can get the log, I would share it to you.

Hello @smy0906 :wave:

Thanks for the feedback :pray:

Knowing that you colleague successfuly entered your project using internet explorer, let’s consider this closed. It will be to hard for us to debug without more info, and it is not a blocking point for you anymore.

If you encounter the problem again, please do not hesitate to post again on this thread.

Thank you for the thread, and sorry for the inconvenience.