Is it possible to deploy my admin backend to AWS?

Our team is working on consolidating our architecture. Currently our Forest Admin backend is deployed on Heroku, but was wondering if there as an option to deploy the admin backend to an AWS environment? Would there be any options through something like and EC2 instance or through Amplify? Or a better way? Thanks guys!

Side note: When I first started using Forest a year ago, I knew nothing about coding and was a project coordinator in an external department from our dev team, but because Forest helped me build a low code admin quickly for our team and focus on building front facing features, I’ve now had the opportunity to formally transition to our dev team with the purpose of helping bring the tech stack I’ve built along with me. Wanted to say thanks for creating a knowledge bridge to fade into and looking forward to continue growing with you guys! :slight_smile:


Hi @Matt :wave:t3:

Your Forest Admin backend is nothing more, nothing less than a nodeJS application.

You can deploy it anywhere really. In AWS, both EC2 instances and ECS (docker container) can be used. Your tech team can even go serverless with an AWS Lambda function.
Amplify? I’m not sure, I believe it’s for hosting static websites.

Should your team go for AWS EC2, here’s our complete guide :point_right:t3: How to deploy to Ubuntu Server

As for your side note, we’re extremely happy to have people like you go down the rabbit hole and can only celebrate all the things you’ve learned thus far with us :tada: We’re sure your tech team will appreciate all the heavy lifting you’ve done!