Is it possible to show a popup when we execute a smart action

We have a few smart actions that triggers important workflows in the company. Before the action executes we’ll like to show a popup explaining what happens. Similar to what happens on the approval.

If this is not possible curious if there are any workarounds, as this would be something key for us

Hello @Zero,

For the moment, it is possible to display a confirmation popup when triggering a custom action, if you define your custom action with the property confirmation: true.

In this case, Forest Admin will display a message: Are you sure you want to trigger the XXX action in a confirmation popup.

You also can display a form that will ask the user for confirmation, as described in the docs. I guess that you can define a boolean field with a description that will display some more details to your user.

I noticed that pop up, but we’re not able to edit the text of it. Is there any other option that can be done?

No, for the moment, the text in this popup is generated from the action’s name and that’s it.

I don’t see any other possibility than the 2 explained in my previous answer.

I’m adding your suggestion to our list of feature requests.