How to display "approval setting" on smart action tab

Dear Forestadmin Support team,

I’m setting Smart Action with model named “CDT” here:
collection(‘cdt’, {
actions: [{
fields: ,
segments: ,
but it’s don’t display approval setting after i deploy:

Pls help me define Smart Action on forest folder how to display setting of “approval setting”?

Thanks & Regards!
Hung Chu

Hi @chumanhhung235,

What is your current plan?
The approval feature is accessible through the Plus plan.

hi @Sliman_Medini

my current plan is community because i’m developing in local.
how can i trial with Plus plan with local only?

Thanks & Regards!
Hung Chu

Hello @chumanhhung235,

The feature Approval workflows is only available in a development environment with a Plus plan.
You can upgrade to a Plus plan from here.

Do not hesitate to contact Sales for more information :grinning: