Layout rollback without explication


The layout of “care-giver” collection, in staging environnement has been rollback, and we don’t know why. Have you more detail

Project: click-and-care-backoffice
Env: Preprod
Team: ClicknCare
collection: care-giver

We should see this in detail:

But we got:

Hello @Justin_Martin

It seems that there have been many changes made to your Pre-Production layout (8 displayed in the banner). On our side, we have not received any alert about an action that went wrong in the logs. Maybe a member of your team made a bad manipulation when he deployed his layout on your Pre-Production?

Kind regards,


We never deploy our local/dev Layout, we just change “Pre-Production” and deploy in “Prodcution” when we launch in production. We are going to remove all edit layout permission and be aware of changes

All right,

Please let us know if you encounter any other problems.

Have a nice day,