Location (POINT) Fields Displaying as Null

Feature(s) impacted

Displaying location fields of type POINT from a PostgreSQL database.

Observed behavior

The location fields in my t_e_merchant_address table appear as null in Forest Admin, despite being correctly stored in the database, as POINT field.

Expected behavior

In the database, the location field values appear correctly as coordinates, e.g., (4.15367839, 0.45678876), but they are displayed as null in Forest Admin.

My sequelize definition:

location: {
      type: DataTypes.GEOMETRY('POINT', 4326),
      allowNull: true,
      get() {
        const rawValue = this.getDataValue('location');
        if (rawValue && rawValue.coordinates) {
          const [lon, lat] = rawValue.coordinates;
          return { lat, lon };
        return null;
      set(value) {
        if (value && value.lat !== undefined && value.lon !== undefined) {
          this.setDataValue('location', { type: 'Point', coordinates: [value.lon, value.lat] });

Thank you for your assistance!

Hello @Marie and welcome to the community !

Could you please fill in the template for us to be able to accurately provide support.

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Are the location fields values null only in the UI or are they null when retrieved inside of the agent ?